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CII National HR Excellence Model

CII-HR Excellence Model is based on the CII-Exim Bank Excellence Award encompassing all aspects of human resource management and acts as a practical tool for 1) A Self- Assessment model for measuring the current status and thus identify the gaps to stimulate solutions 2) A framework to position various HR initiatives and identify gaps. 3) A basis to develop acommon understanding of various terms used in the HR Management.

The model can be effectively used as a framework to position HR initiatives, measure current status, and identify gaps to stimulate solutions. Through this model, CII aims to help improve HR performance practices and capabilities by providing objective feedback for improvement while also facilitating communication and sharing of best practices and information within and among organizations.

The model assesses organizations on the following parameters:


The CII model evaluates the ability of leaders to develop and reinforce a shared vision for the organization and create a compelling environment for the people to grow and innovate. The leaders need to be accessible, active listeners as well as respond positively to their employees. The model also lays emphasis on ethics and social responsibility to be part of the leadership DNA.

HR Strategy

The model evaluates an organization based on how the HR strategies are embedded into the strategic plan and how have they impacted the bottom line.

Human resources management processes/practices

The assessment focuses on processes and practices within the organization, which support its journey towards business excellence. Taking into account the holistic picture in terms of manpower planning, hiring, career planning, succession planning, gender diversity, rewards and recognition, performance management amongst others; the model evaluates the measures adopted by the organization to stay abreast of the current trends of the HR fraternity as well as best practices implemented across the industry.

People knowledge and competencies

To help organizations develop learning solutions in order to reduce the knowledge and skill deficit and identify competencies to perform a particular job, the model evaluates the organization’s engagement and retention interventions as well as orientation and T&D programs.

People well-being and engagement

The CII Assessment involves evaluating an organization’s work environment, employee support climate and people engagement. These are determined with the aim of fostering well-being, satisfaction, and motivation amongst employees to achieve the long-term organizational success. With reference to thework environment, the model focuses on how an organization addresses health, safety, and labour/employee issues. It also emphasizes the efforts of an organization to build and foster an environment of innovation and change, besides providing its employees with financial and non-financial benefits.


Results are based on perception measures and organizational performance indicators. The perception measures take into account the perception of people, customers and society that directly impact the HR function. Other measures include ethical behaviour, respect for women and being an equal opportunity employer. The organizational performance indicators are used by the organizations internally to monitor, understand, predict and improve the performance of its employees and business directly impacted by the HR function.