Last date to apply for HR Excellence Award – 15th June 2024

About the Award
The CII-HR Excellence Award

The CII-HR Excellence Award serves as a comprehensive framework that encompasses all facets of human resource management. It acts as a practical tool designed to foster excellence in HR practices across organizations. The award model facilitates self-assessment, enabling organizations to measure their current status, identify gaps, and stimulate solutions. Moreover, it provides a structured framework to position various HR initiatives and develop a common understanding of HR management terminology.

Utilizing this model, organizations can effectively position HR initiatives, measure their current status, and identify areas for improvement....

Through objective feedback, the CII aims to enhance HR performance practices and capabilities while fostering communication and sharing of best practices among organizations. Additionally, the HR Excellence Award recognizes organizations for their outstanding achievements in HR practices and programs.

Through these objectives, the CII-HR Excellence Award strives to drive continuous improvement and innovation in HR management practices across industries.

Recognition Methodology Based on Scale of 1000

* Role Model to be decided by Jury

Why CII HR Excellence Award
Collaborative Learning Environment

Join forces with seasoned HR professionals, all certified CII Assessors hailing from diverse organizations, fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

Hands-On Learning

Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios by physically visiting organizations during assessments, providing invaluable opportunities to witness and learn firsthand the industry's best practices.

Executive Exposure

Engage in meaningful interactions with senior-level executives including MDs, CEOs, CXOs, and CHROs spanning various sectors, expanding your professional network and gaining insights from top industry leaders.

Recognition and Commendation

Receive a prestigious Acknowledgement Certificate and mementos from CII upon successful completion of an assessment cycle, acknowledging your dedication and contribution to HR excellence.

Professional Growth and Expertise Enhancement

Elevate your skill set, broaden industry knowledge, and position yourself as a leader in HR excellence assessment, opening doors to new career opportunities and advancement within the HR domain.

Strategic Alignment

Learn to seamlessly integrate assessment methodologies with strategic business planning, ensuring HR initiatives are aligned with organizational goals.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with senior HR leaders and industry experts, expanding your professional network and gaining valuable insights into industry best practices.

Award Model
Assessment Process
SL NO Process Explanation
1 Registration Potential applicants complete the online registration form or submit it via email. Website:
2 Selection of Assessors Senior managers from the industry are chosen as Assessors after undergoing an intensive 3-day HR excellence assessment program to understand the award criteria and assessment process.
3 Applicant Submits Documents Applicants send the 50-page (maximum) application document to CII upon successful completion of the complimentary Assessor Training Workshop.
4 Assessment, Consensus Scoring, and Site Visit An Assessor team is assigned to each applicant. Assessors individually identify strengths/opportunities for improvement and score as part of self-study. The team then meets at the site to reach a consensus score, followed by site visits to validate the application and address any queries. Applications are re-scored, and reports are finalized. Typically, this process lasts for 3 to 4 days.
5 Jury Meeting (National Level) Based on reports from site-visit teams, Jurors determine the winners of the Award, Prizes, and Commendation Certificates.
6 Feedback Report Senior Assessors (leaders of the Assessment team) provide Feedback Reports to all applicants, identifying strengths/opportunities for improvement. Score ranges are also provided for each criterion. Upon request, Senior Assessors visit the applicant to discuss the feedback report.
7 Award Presentation The HR Excellence Award, Prizes, and Commendations are presented to the winning applicants.
who should apply

Any organization operating in India for a minimum of three years is eligible to apply for the Award. This includes:

  • Large Business Organisations
  • Operating Units of Large Business Organisations
  • Small and Medium Business Organisations
  • Start-ups

Please note: Businesses with multiple units are advised to apply separately for the HR Excellence Award. This approach is recommended to enhance the value of assessments, maintain the integrity of recognitions, and ensure an adequate representation of organizational complexity and process maturity.

Important Dates
  • 31 May 2024 : Last Date to Register
  • 28-30 May, Mumbai : Assessor Training Workshops
  • 26-28 June, Kolkata : Assessor Training Workshops
  • 31 July 2024 : Last Date to submit Application Document
  • January 2025 : Announcement of Award and Award Presentation Ceremony

Fee Structure
Business Organizations with turnover Participation Fees for CII Members Participation Fees for Non-Members
Exceeding Rs. 20000 Cr Rs 3,45,000 + 18% GST Rs 3,60,000 + 18% GST
Between Rs. 10000 – 20000Cr Rs 3,15,000 + 18% GST Rs 3,30,000 + 18% GST
Between Rs. 5000 – 10000 Cr Rs 2,85,000 + 18% GST Rs 3,00,000 + 18% GST
Between Rs. 2000 – 5000 Cr Rs 2,50,000 + 18% GST Rs 2,65,000 + 18% GST
Between Rs. 1000 – 2000 Cr Rs 1,95,000 + 18% GST Rs 2,10,000 + 18% GST
Between Rs. 500 – 1000 Cr Rs 1,50,000 + 18% GST Rs 1,65,000 + 18% GST
Less than Rs. 500 Cr Rs 1,25,000 + 18% GST Rs 1,40,000 + 18% GST