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Enroll Now - 14th CII National HR Excellence Award Confluence

CII National HR Excellence Award

The Core Belief… Underlying thrust of the CII HR Excellence Award system is that the companies do not compete against each other but against the HR Award Model Criteria and hence the scoring is absolute and not relative.

CII-HR Excellence Award Model is based on the CII-Exim Bank Excellence Award encompassing all aspects of human resource management and acts as a practical tool for:

1) Self- Assessment by measuring the current status and thus identifying the gaps to stimulate solutions.
2) As a framework to position various HR initiatives and identify gaps.
3) A basis to develop a common understanding of various terms used in the HR Management.

The model can be effectively used as a framework to position HR initiatives, measure current status, and identify gaps to stimulate solutions. Through this model, CII aims to help improve HR performance practices and capabilities by providing objective feedback for improvement while also facilitating communication and sharing of best practices and information within and among organizations.

The HR Excellence Award aims to achieve the following:

1) To help improve Human Resources and performance practices, capabilities,
by providing objective feedback for improvement to each applicant.
2) To facilitate communication and sharing of information in best practices within and among organizations of all types
3) To recognize organizations for Excellence in Human Resources practices and programs.

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